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Orion Electric Co., Ltd.

Besides the Schaukasten (the lamp box for observing X-ray films), our products also include the mammography Schaukasten, the nonmagnetic apparatus for MRI, the infrared ray lamp as a medical physiotherapeutic instrument, and the narrowband UVB ultraviolet lamp (ultraviolet therapeutic instrument), etc. In the future, we will develop the medical apparatuses used in the nursing field and complete its design and production together.

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Our Strengths

Persist in supporting the medical appliances with honesty, service and technology

Our corporation values the mutual trust with customers, constantly researches and develops the medical appliances beneficial to the work in the medical and welfare places. Among them, the Schaukasten used to analyze X-ray films (the lamp box for observing X-ray films) has been constantly developed into a thinner and more convenient product according to the comments of field operators based on their practices. We manufacture all kinds of products. However, we still hold the same standpoint no matter what kind of product is manufactured,which is to manufacture the products for convenient use according to the trend of the times. In the future, we will still provide customers with the products that can satisfy their demands.

The Schaukasten of both good design and functionality

Our super thin mammography Schaukasten is an indispensable product for breast cancer screening, and applied in all kinds of medical places, so we can hear many different comments on it from different customers. For this reason, we have researched and developed the super thin product with the one-key operation and the light modulating function.

NE030 Schaukasten ORS-NEO-111-K, ORS-NEO-211-Y

Develop and sell medical appliances for a new era

In the future, we will dedicate ourselves to developing the narrowband UVB ultraviolet lamp (ultraviolet therapeutic instrument). Such an ultraviolet lamp is applied in the place of skin disease treatment. Therefore, it can be divided into full-length irradiation lamp and partial irradiation lamp according to its use in the site. By employing a digital timer, we make it more convenient and easier to set the time.

Super thin mammography Schaukasten ORS-MIE

The extremely thoughtful follow-up service for customers is one of our technologies

Our technologies, so to speak, are developed based on the customer's comments in the medical place. Moreover, we are also proud of the following features: our unblocked organization that could swiftly report the comments from customers back to the development department and the unique system to combine several elites and adapt quickly changing circumstances. How can the comments from customers be rapidly reflected in products? This is a key problem to which our corporation attaches high importance.

Light modulating function and one-touch folding