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Orion Electric Co., Ltd.

Besides the Schaukasten (the lamp box for observing X-ray films), our products also include the mammography Schaukasten, the nonmagnetic apparatus for MRI, the infrared ray lamp as a medical physiotherapeutic instrument, and the narrowband UVB ultraviolet lamp (ultraviolet therapeutic instrument), etc. In the future, we will develop the medical apparatuses used in the nursing field and complete its design and production together.

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Indispensible medical appliance in breast cancer examination

Our super thin mammography Schaukasten is very thin with the one-key operation and the light modulating function. This product is the result of continuous improvement based on customer's comments. Even if the delivery is completed, our service does not end yet, so it is no exaggeration to say that our products developed in the relationships of mutual trust with unique customers.

The T.B.I lamp cap researched and developed by virtue of experience

The full-length irradiation lamp cap provides the more efficient and effective full-length irradiation as the pre-treatment in the leukemia therapy, etc. It is a confident product created by us based on our experience and technology accumulated in the production of medical appliances for half a century.

Narrowband UVB Ultraviolet Lamp OR-100-20AB

Our knowledge and technology expected to be spread around the world

All personnel of our corporation get together with one heart and soul and jointly think over what product can facilitate customer's use. Based on customer's comments and after repetitive trial manufacturing, we develop new products. Therefore, we can manufacture the products suitable for various medical sites.

Full-length Irradiation Lamp Cap ORP-TBI-MN

Used not merely in the medical site, but also in the nursing site

Along with the expansion of the ageing society in the future, we will not merely develop the products used in the medical field actively, but also develop the products used in the nursing field actively. On this basis, we look for overseas partners or vendor partners, etc. extensively. With our knowledge and technology, we support the improvement of medical level around the world.

Medical Voice monitor and host