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Orion Electric Co., Ltd.

Besides the Schaukasten (the lamp box for observing X-ray films), our products also include the mammography Schaukasten, the nonmagnetic apparatus for MRI, the infrared ray lamp as a medical physiotherapeutic instrument, and the narrowband UVB ultraviolet lamp (ultraviolet therapeutic instrument), etc. In the future, we will develop the medical apparatuses used in the nursing field and complete its design and production together.

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Corporation Information

Corporate Message

Our corporation will celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. To our corporation, the path is full of ups and downs. In the present days with the increasing globalization of society and environment, continuous development requires all kinds of efforts. We will accumulate new technologies and knowledge and flexibly apply them in the production in order to redeem our customers. We provide the thoughtful after-sale services after delivery in order to lay the path for the further development of new products. Through these efforts, our corporation wins the trust of customers.

Corporate Profile

Headquarter Orion Electric Co., Ltd.(
Date of Founding February 1953 (Showa 28)
Registered Capital 10 million Yen
Representative President Honma Tatsuo
TEL 052-261-0706 (Exchange)
Domestic Branch Tokyo Operation Office, Kanazawa Operation Office, Matsumoto Operation Office, Inazawa Operation Office
Foreign Branch  
Associated Company  
Scope of Business X-ray related products for medical use, MRI related products, medical therapeutic instrument, production and sale of germicidal irradiation apparatuses, construction of protective engineering equipments for X-ray room, and design and construction of shield engineering for MRI room
Certification ■ISO9001:2008
Orion Electric's Headquarter Office BuildingOrion Electric's Inazawa plant

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